Certified IKO kite school Kiteseason is located at Lo Stagnone Lagoon in Sicily. The lagoon has excellent conditions for teaching kiteboarding. Shallow water steady wind and a safe area. The course plan is set according to your previous skills which means we adjust the training program individually.

- Operation Kite Season center - 15.04. - 30.10.2022

The kiteboarding base Kite Season is located in the Northwest of Sicily in the lagoon of Lo Stagnone. Airports Trapani Birgi 10 km, Palermo 100 Km far away

- We offer complete infrastructure and facilities for Kiters and families 

- Shallow water and a huge lagoon is an ideal place for Kitesurfing and Kitesurfing lessons

- We provide followed serviciesKite BaseApartments , Kite courses, Equipment rental

- Free kite base fee for accommodated customers 

  • Best, Easiest and Safest Conditions for Kite Surfing

  • Cheap Flights to Sicily from the whole Europe

  • Kitesurfing Lessons with professional IKO Instructors (eng, ger, cze, ita)

  • Complete Kite Center Services right on the Beach


The Best Way how to learn Kitesurfing is to take the Private Lessons. Your IKO Instructor will be there for you all the time of the lesson. Don’t loose your time and learn fast and good!

Kite school - Kite lessons
Kite school - Kite lessons
Kite school - Kite lessons


Kite school - Kite lessons

Kiteboarder - Discovery

Level 1A 

  • SEA (Spot, Environment, Activity) assessment

  • Hold, carry, and secure a kite on land

  • Kite setup

Level 1B

  • Safety systems use

  • Pre-flight check

  • Launch and land as an assistant

Level 1C

  • First piloting and explore the wind window's edge

  • Let go of the bar

  • Twist and untwist the lines

Level 1D

  • Fly one-handed

  • Trim introduction

  • Walk while flying the kite

  • Launch and land as a pilot

  • Wind window theory

Level 1E

  • Inflight quick release activation

  • Self-land

  • Equipment packing

It takes approximately 2 - 4 hours

Kite school - Kite lessons

Kiteboarder - Intermediate

Level 2F 

  • Enter and exit the water while controlling the kite

  • Water relaunch

Level 2G

  • Body-drag with 2 hands, kite stable

  • Body-drag with power stroke

Level 2H

  • Body-drag upwind

  • Body-drag with the board

  • Self-rescue and pack down 

Level 2I

  • ROW (Right Of Way) rules 

  • Steady-pull

  • Waterstart

  • Controlled stop

It takes approximately 2 - 4 hours

Kite school - Kite lessons

Kiteboarder - Independent

Level 3J 

  • Control of speed by edging

Level 3K

  • Ride upwind

Level 3L

  • Sliding transition

Level 3M

  • Ride toeside

  • Jibe

Level 3N

  • Self-launch

  • Self-rescue and pack down in deep water

It takes approximately 2 - 4 hours


Kite school - Kite lessons

1 hour individual KITE course - € 70

Kite school - Kitesurfing lessons

2 hours individual KITE course - € 140

Kite school - Kitesurfing lessons

4 hours individual KITE course - € 280

Kite school - Kitesurfing lessons

 6 hours individual KITE course - € 420

Kite school - Kitesurfing lessons

8 hours individual KITE course - € 560

Kite school - Kitesurfing lessons

10 hours individual KITE course - € 700

*  The bedrock is mostly a mix of sand, grass and mud thus we recommend you taking shorts or clothes into the water having got dirty from sand or mud you will not regret it. Furthermore, we higly recommend sunglasses tied on a rubber band or a string, sunscreen lotion and a headgear. Lycra or cotton T-shirt for body protection.


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