Hi,  we are the kite school and providers with a travel agency license. We specialize exclusively in kiteboarding trips to Sicily and snowkiting to Norway, where we also have our own facilities. We have been on the market for eleven years and we love the wind, we love the sea, we love powder and we want to pass this joy on.



I discovered Sicily and Lo Stagnone one evening in Google maps eleven years ago. I found the ideal air connection and at that time the ticket cost me 15 euros. I was captivated by the shallow safe lagoon lined by a peninsula. We are the first kite travel agency to start bringing kite tourists to this part of Sicily Island. Over the next ten years, we managed to build our own kite centre and beach kite bar.
Radek " Bimrs " Blazek


Snowkiting to Norway I first organized in winter 2009 when I watched a movie Somethink Stronger. Decision was to go there and experience this. I organized the first trip with two cars and every year there were more people interested in riding Norwegian powder on endless plains. Since then, we have been returning to Norway "Planet Snowkiting" every year.
Radek " Bimrs " Blazek


Radek " Bimrs " Blažek

Zuzana Blažek

Iggy Zuk

Jiří Ševčík

Dejv "Beachboy"

Luděk Šmerda

Marco Parrinello

Szymon " Szyx "

Lenka Juriková