Independent Kitesurfing Gear Rentals

Our kite center offers the latest kiteboarding gear of OZONE kites, variety of twin-tip and Mystic accessories for different sizes and needs. We rent kitesurfing equipment only to Lo Stagnone lagon Sicily and only to confident riders. You can rent the complete equipment, just the board, the kite or any combination you need. We rent per session (3 hours in a row or full day), like this you have the maximum flexibility in terms of choosing suitable equipment. The school is located to the kite spot at the same place and additional kites are available at the beach. If the wind changes you can change your kite during your session. A our beach assistant will be watching you while renting and he will assist you in case you need him. (launching or landing, changing kite etc). After your session the kitesurfing equipment must be packed with care and returned to the center. Renting from Kite Season will enable you to enjoy your kite session with the latest gear, suited to your level and needs, in wind conditions from 12 to 30 knots. 


20.04. - 30.10.2024

During the kiteboarding rental check you need to:

Demonstrate your knowledge of the priority rules (ROW rules)

 Set up and launch the kite correctly

Have full control while walking on the beach with the kite and board

Bodydrag upwind (without the kiteboard)

Ride and stay upwind (exit more upwind from where you entered)

Handle the kitesurfing equipment with care and keep safe distance from hazards

Kite renting packages

Kite rental Sicily - Lo Stagnone

Kite Package 3 days  - € 150

Kite rental Sicily - Lo Stagnone

Kite Package 5 days - € 200

Kite rental Sicily - Lo Stagnone

Kite Package 7 days - € 250

Service description

Ozone latests sets 2022 models ( Catalyst, Enduro, Zephyr ),

Kite complete 5 - 17 m2 + harness + RL board + helmet + vest + base fee + wetsuit

We can serve up to 7 customers at one day its need to book in advance,

No Insurance against damage

The packages must be ordered before you come to Sicily

You need to be Independent rider

We do not return money in case of bad weather

Gear renting on site at Kiteseason center

Kite rental Sicily - Lo Stagnone

1  day kite complete    60€ 

1 hour kite complete 40€ 

Kite rental Sicily - Lo Stagnone

1  day kite only    50€ 

1 hour kite only 30€ 

Kite rental Sicily - Lo Stagnone

Kiteboard              15€ 

Wetsuit / harness 10€ 

Service description

Ozone kite sets 2022 models ( Catalyst, Enduro, Zephyr ),

Kite complete + harness + RL board + helmet + vest + base fee + wetsuit

No Insurance against damage

You need to be Independent rider


  • Kite Package 3 days from 4 - € 150
  • Kite Package 5 days from 6 - € 200
  • Kite Package 7 days from 8 - € 250
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