Dyranut turisthytta is a mountain lodge located at RV 7 over Hardangervidda in the middle of mountain plateau. The cabin is 1246 meters above sea level. Dyranut is a good starting point for snowkiting, crosscountry skiing and all snow adventures. Main building offer together 30 beds in various rooms. All of the rooms have nice view to snowy Hardangervidda

  • the rooms do not have a kitchen

  • All rooms are equipped with a wood-burning stove and it is necessary to keep the room warm by stoking it in the stove.

  • Wood paper and all necessary things are regularly delivered to the main hallway outside the door.

  • Hot shower and hot water electricity, internet works without restrictions.

  • In the main restaurant the fire is kept in the fireplace almost all day.

  • Common sanitary facilities on the upper and lower floors