Weather in Norway - HARDANGERRVIDDA

Weather in Norway

The conditions are best from February to the end of April. The most fresh powder is coming in the months January and February. The wather in March is more constantly and the days are more longer. Temperatures average is around - 5 – 15 C. But even in the months of January to March we can meet with thaws or, on the contrary, with frozen snow, and it is necessary to wait again for a good snowfall. We still struggle with the weather and not always azure and half a meter of powder. It may happen that we scrub the frozen snow, wet, or completely powder. 

Wind - average statistics in this period show around 80% of windy days, only rarely there are windless days. More likely you meet strong wind and snow  causing closures of the road between Haugastol and Bergen. In case of closures on the road on Hardangervidda, there are long queues and you have to follow the convoy. In case of complete closures, we choose snowkiting at lower altitudes. 

Driving in convoy and general rules for kiting

If the weather is bad (fresh snow, strong wind), the Highway 7 through Hardangervidda is closed. Operation via Hardangervidda is regulated by the convoys. Marking whether the road is closed can be seen from Geilo. If the road is closed, traffic is controlled by a convoys. So it is necessary to  follow the driver of the first convoy and to agree with him on which spot you can park place. Mainly it will be Orteren. It is strictly forbidden to move between spots without a convoy ! You have to park on selected spot and kite there. After kiting session i tis necessary  for you to wait for returnig convoy.  A free passing between parking lots is not alowed. Conwoy intervals are usually  between 2 and 3 hours.

Moving and parking on the road 7: If the road is open and passable you can choose your preffered kitespotand kite wherever you want. Always park your in the parking spots. When the weather will start to change we recommend you to check the road situation and then decide how to proceed with your car.

Every weather has its magic!

Winter, strong wind, frost, fog or snow storms are probably the worst weather conditions that we can meet. That is why we should be prepared, i.e. to have enough clothing to adapt our thermal comfort to the actual weather. It is certainly not recommended to have only 2 layers, a feather jacket and underwear for example. Do not forget your ski glasses. To avoid their misting up, wash them with a soapy water from the inside. The original antifog finish works great too. 

When it´s really sunny, you will appreciate the strong UV filter of your sunscreen as well as a lip balm with UV filter. Choose a good sunglasses with side- light protection.

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